Material Dissent – Turkey: Open (Bölüm 2)

Seyit Ali Dastan Cengiz’s story Cengiz invited Ufuk to a café in the Çukurambar district of Ankara. The neighborhood used to be an underdeveloped part of the city, but, with…

Material Dissent – Turkey: Open (Bölüm 1)

Seyit Ali Dastan Our story is also somebody else’s story, and somebody else’s story is also our story. They are a subset of each other, intertwining and intersecting over space…

Material Dissent – Ukraine: Nine Days (Canto 4)

Gennady Bondarenko Morning Transparent, bluish morning light; it’s barely dawn. I shake off the sleep: The early morning seeps into my room, through the only window. I get up and…

Material Dissent – Ukraine: Nine Days (Canto 2)

Gennady Bondarenko Mountain and descent But I came here exactly for that: the solitude of the sea, as a classicist once said. Journalism (and metropolitan journalism above all) is good…

Material Dissent – Ukraine: Nine Days (Canto 1)

Gennady Bondarenko So, we’re unpacking. I’m looking at everything I’ve brought. Not much: some groceries in store packages. A bottle of brandy, just in case. A can of ground coffee…

Material Dissent – Cuba: La Maternidad (Capítulo 2)

Marilin Guerrero Casas Jess was thrilled to start work. The Psychiatric Hospital was not precisamente the clean, comfortable facility that you usually see on televisión. The building was old and…

Uncertainty, instability and extremes transposed

L’anthologie of Global Instability Transpuesta

A collection of essays on instability, called transposing emblems, from around the world.

The Codex of Uncertainty Transposed

Essays on uncertainty, another prominent characteristic of our times, from international authors

La Syncrétion of Polarization and Extremes Transposée

Writers throughout the world opine on the topics of polarization and extremes in transposing emblems

Explanatory videos

Introduction to the perypatetik project – romantics, pragmatists, transposition, transadaptation, transposing emblems, and more

Neobaroque characteristics in transposing emblems – uncertainty, instability, polarization and extremes

The transadaptation of life – In the Middle, Conceived, Evanescent

The peripatetic idea, transposition, transadaptation

What are the genres of transposition and transadaptation?

The theory of transposition
Classics transposed

Who are romantics and pragmatists and why is this relevant to me?

Peripatetic Alterity (philosophy)
Romantics and pragmatists

Editors and authors